Version 1.2 (Leaderboards)

Version 1.2 Change Log:

  • New online leaderboards!
  • 5 New puzzle levels
  • Added game tips screen
  • Added animation to game card
  • Added sound for piece rotation
  • Updated about screen layout
  • Updated title screen logo
  • Bug fix for piece spawn rotations
  • Bug fix for slowdown with large loops

Global Online Leaderboards:

  • After the game over screen a unique QR code will be generated with your score
  • Scan the code with your phone to open the unique link
  • Enter a friendly name and press the submit button
  • Currently you can only have one entry per leaderboard (Arcade / Blitz)
  • The leaderboard will always keep your highest score
  • You can change your name at any time by scanning another QR code

And finally, a minor gameplay change:

  • When the in-game timer expires, the current piece will be placed automatically instead of losing a life (you will only lose a life if the piece can't be placed).

See y'all on the leaderboards! ✌️

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Nice update! But I can't uplod my score.. there's no "Enter Name" on my page. 

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Hmm, are you scanning the QR Code on your device after the game over screen?

The QR code on itch just links to the main leaderboard page which won't have the "Enter Name" prompt.

(otherwise it could be a bug...)

Yes, it's the QR code on my device after game over screen.. The URL has a data code at the end. I don't know what's wrong.

Interesting, that sounds like a bug then. Could you share the URL with data code here? I'll look into it but this one might be tricky...

Sure! It's one of them.

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Alright, after much digging I found a crazy bug and uploaded a new build to itch. It's still labeled as "Version 1.2" but if you download the zip and sideload it again, it should upload to your device.

You'll need to generate a new score though, the old links are "corrupted" in a weird way.

Thanks for reporting the issue, fingers crossed the new build will fix it! 🤞

5 new levels - thats a really nice!

Thanks! My goal is to eventually have 50 in total.